Saturday, January 28, 2012

La la la kerjalah hari2 kerja hahahaaha

For almost one month i've been working as a teacher at a pre-school..i didnt receive my payment yet..i actually do not how many my salary is ok..i work at my mom's friend place that's why i dont know..
this happened at 3/1/2012 where i'am sound asleep in my parent room..suddenly my mom wake me up and said wake up and take a bath you've got to go to work at Achik Ani's pre-school..i was like whaatt~~ and my journey as pre-school teacher begin with a question mark on my face..i was blur and i dont know what to do..but now i'm getting the hang of it a little bit..

actually since i'm 15 years old i had said to my self i never wanna be a teacher...but then Allah has something else plan for me..
FATE-"Leely you will be a pre-school teacher starting 3/1/2012 ok.."
ME -"what!!"
FATE-"please be a good teacher"
ME -"until when??"
FATE-"until when i dont know ok i'm just following Allah's order my you dear just bear with it ok and never forget Allah"

currently i'm waiting patiently for PLKN..ok bye done with my working story boring rite..

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