Friday, June 17, 2011


aku memang bengang kalau ada orang makan makanan aku tanpa izin..
ish aku dah memang simpan makanan tu untuk aku makan lepas buka puasa ke esok ke kejap lagi ke..sekali bila aku bukak peti ais cari2 mana nih tak jumpa pon..
aku pon mula kan operasi soal siasat la apa lagi..tengok2 dia yang makan..
memang la kan memang nak kena dengan aku ni..dia memang suka buataku macam ini sadis betul haih aku tengah teringin gila nak makan cokelat la sekarang..

dia memang suka makan makanan yang aku memang reserve untuk aku..dan selalu juga la makan yg aku simpan kena curi ntah macam mana diorg boleh jumpa bila aku sorok2kan bila aku tak sorok x nak pula makan geram betul geram betul..
cokelat pemberian Nor Izzati Abdul Rahim telah selamat masuk dalam perut orang lain..pergh terkilan gila tak dapat makan..

memang dulu pon die dah pernah buat macam ni apa nak buat sabar jelah sambil bagi nasihat kat die ' KALAU NAK MAKAN SOMETHING TU TANYA LA DULU SAPA PUNYE'
tapi still rasa geram adehh cokelat..selalu terjadi bila aku puasa ade je makanan yang aku suke then aku dapat then aku simpan then bila nak makan dah lesap tengok2 orang lain dah makan..

korang tak geram ke dah usha makanan tu lama bila kita puasa then bila nak makan makanan tu dah tak da..korang tak rasa terkilan ke hah aku terkilan gila..haish sabar dan redha jela dah masuk dalam perut orang pon tak la nak suruh die muntahkan balikkan?

so toodles and goodnight guys post tuk meluahkan rasa terkilan je..

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy birthday my dongwoonie ;)

although it is a little bit late but hey it is still 6th june isnt it? selamat hari lahir,happy birthday,saengilchukahamnida ( dah tu je yg muncul dalm pale aku)


day 1-
->celebrating teachers day which is a little bit boring this year..
->went back to najihatul's house..
->arrived at school 3.15 p.m.,departed from school almost 3.50 p.m.
->arrived at camping site at 4.50 p.m.
->set the tent with najihatul and aishah
->gathered at dewan seri mewah after ishak prayer
->set a team by picking a puzzle piece
-> become the trusted person to take care of an egg.
->nightwalk in the woods which is so cool cause we means me,najihatul,mekar
and syazana got to meet cool guys such as kuje,ustaz,abg seluar askar and abg
seluar plkn (which is not their real name),we got to see the firefly and fungus
that glow in the dark
->the egg still save but mekar's one broke already poor her trousers..
->sleep alone at first from 1 a.m. to maybe 2.30 a.m. cause najihatul had to stay
guarding the camping site with her team while aishah was busy taking bath with
->i woke up because of aishah trying to enter the tent and prepare herself to sleep.
->at 3a.m take bath with najihatul
->went to the surau cause najihatul wanna pray
->trying to stay guarding the site at 4.30a.m but a group of people seems to guard
the camp site so go back to sleep

day 2-
->breakfast and aerobic
-> jungle tracking + survival skill
-> eat lunch, zohor prayer
-> wait for the cool guys to arrive (hahaha just like to call them cool guys) while
waiting for them..we play in the river..
->while happily playing an incident happened (shh secret ok) hahaha secret much
->at almost 5.50p.m. we start our rempuh halangan(something call like that la)
->we were introduce to TAKE COVER!!! hahaha seriously i dont like this word
->we get to rafting,some activity that needs us to climb,crawling and
swimming i mean swimming in the mud ok..the mud is all over our body including
our face.
-> forever TAKE COVER that day
-> cleaning ourselves in the river..we rub rub each other hahaha
-> night nothing much to do opps i forgot we had a campfire.. trust me it is a
little bit boring
-> then sleep

day 3-
->aerobic with the so called facilitator which are the helpers actually
-> we had our own sukaneka
-> majlis penutupan
-> packing2 eat lunch,line up and saw the cool guys for the last time (ececece)
->before eat lunch i got to take picture with a small snake that belongs to kuje.
-> we wave them for the last time and went back home

it was a cool and awesome camp.;) ;) ;)
lesson that i learned while night walking in the wood..if you see a place that has so many fungus that glowing dont walk that way because it is a sign of danger..maybe you are walking straingt to the gaung.

p/s-the time are not accurate ok..

Sunday, June 5, 2011


-in my parents room

me : eh i thought this was a pillow?
dad : hahaha *while hiding his tummy
me : *laughing so hard until coughing
ainun : dad she has ate the wrong medicine
me : *still laughing
dad : yup she ate the wrong medicine..hahaha

-living room *just got back from Giant

brother: nana why dont you keep these things?
me : saja je..because i wanna let you keep those things.. ;) *while grinning
brother: head brain you * hahaha kepala hotak kau

-in living room * watching lu pikirlah sendiri the movie (part wheres nabil bought milah school shoes)

me : abang have you ever buy me a shoe?
brother: hahaha *while say something that i dont remember
me : hahaha

p/s- i dont know why i am posting this thing..