Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

smile always guys

WOW! it has never been this long not to post anything on my blong.. 1 month already..hahaha sorry blog it just that i found someone else..hahaha

well i have deleted my ask box.why? because of the unwelcome people...haiz its annoying you know..trying to promote things at my blog..dude this is my blog la get off ok..sibuk nak promote geram if you want to ask me anything just sent me a comment ok..;)

well my music player also have been deleted..why because its broken la sis..

ok now. i have midterm exams now its been 2 week already..another 1 week to finish.after that i'll be going to camp..

ok i'll just type in point this past two-three month->

-my friend, aliah,her mother past away
-my uncle past away
-seminar spm(bio,chemist,bm,physic,math,history)
-cetusan inspirasi
-big bang
-Mr. Y
-someone that looks like my bro goes to the same school as me
-result spm 2010
-midterm exam
-less facebooking and blogging now
-smiling always

that all i think..
dont have any connection with the tittle rite? its because i dont know what to put
ok bye for now.. i dont know when i am going to post again so dont wait (like anyone reads your blog ;p)