Thursday, September 22, 2011

Holla!! eh wrong la Assalamualaikum!!

haiyaa for how long this blog had been abandoned??? almost one month ma~
i remembered ustaz shaari said 'someone who do not learn new knowledge its like someone who do not update their BLOG' HAHAHA a'm the one who did update the blog only ok..

oh first i want to thank to Allah for everything that had happened to me whether something good or bad..THANK YOU ALLAH.

Ramadhan had passed now is syawal..but soon it will pass also and thats mean SPM is just around the corner..which corner i think the nearest corner you can see now..but why la ya Allah there is still no pressure??please ya Allah give me some pressure to me by some i mean not so much until i got so stress..

last month i went to a program called SPIES..well its actually like camp but we sleep in a hotel..
i like it because we get to eat i love food ok..hahaha

now we have a test (TRIAL SPM).by tonight i'd have to remember the essay for arabic language test..i need to study the balaghah and qawa'id..haiyaak next week i only have physics..

actually my friends and i especially the 3 ABR classmate are waiting for our money to be return back from for me almost everytime i met that person i always asked about the money from that person..i'm tired to ask and ask again la please la just give the money back to us..little by little pon ok what..

i am also waiting for my BOOT to be return back to me from ZUL..this guy aduhh~ very the pelupa ma~ everytime we asked him to bring the boot he forget..but when we dont asked him, he bring the la i want to get my boot back??

oh ya la last week, i really have a nice and a sweet dream although it was not real but i like that dream la..because so many kpop artist came into my dream as a cameo hehehe but the hero in my dream is HERO hahaaha funny rite??(what not funny O_o? then dont laugh)

rite now i'm into infinite... baby just cant let you go modudaga jimnedo~ hahaha what i like this lyric ok..

right now i just want to be happy and go lucky just like my senior once said to me
bye2 anyong jumpa lagi, (nak cakap BA punya tak ingat la)
till i post next time ok bye love

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