Sunday, June 5, 2011


-in my parents room

me : eh i thought this was a pillow?
dad : hahaha *while hiding his tummy
me : *laughing so hard until coughing
ainun : dad she has ate the wrong medicine
me : *still laughing
dad : yup she ate the wrong medicine..hahaha

-living room *just got back from Giant

brother: nana why dont you keep these things?
me : saja je..because i wanna let you keep those things.. ;) *while grinning
brother: head brain you * hahaha kepala hotak kau

-in living room * watching lu pikirlah sendiri the movie (part wheres nabil bought milah school shoes)

me : abang have you ever buy me a shoe?
brother: hahaha *while say something that i dont remember
me : hahaha

p/s- i dont know why i am posting this thing..

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