Saturday, February 12, 2011

gedik punye aku hakhakhak

well today i went to the tuition centre at 2PM..hahaha then i climb the stairs with a happy heart..tett(happy!! happy!! hahahah)
then i went to the 3rd floor..the door was close and i was thinking did i came to the wrong day??curious then i asked the teacher..."teacher today dont have addmath class eh??" she said ''oh yes there is no addmath class for today but it will be replace''..
and i was like WHAT!! hahaha kidding lah..then i went to a quiet place at a corner..trying to finish  my physic work...i sat on the chair provided at the corner...approximately at 3.10pm..while i was concentrating on my work..someone knock the chair..i turn around and was like woah..there is a guy standing behind me..bling2 my heartbeat increase..then he asked me..''are you a physic student''...i answered yes la kan...then he asked me again ''why didnt you join the group inside the computer lab''..i answered ''no because i did not know them really well''..he i also asked him if the physic class has started or not..he answered no..then we exchange smile he go to the group..hahahah like a gedik girl i said to my self wow that guy can be considered as a handsome guy..hahaha.. just ignored this post...hahahahah

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