Saturday, June 19, 2010

thank you Allah!

i'm so thankful to Allah
you guys wanna know why?
the story begins like this....
long ago..
well not so long ago la hehehe
just 9 days before today that would be the 10 of june..
i found out that my little kitten went missing..
ed junior went missing
5 days later...
i was preparing for subuh prayer...
my father said..
'nana ed dh balik'
then i said
'tipu la ayah ni'
then i look out side the room i saw her...
eating like she was so hungry
now she had change...
from hyper active kitten to just not so active kitten..most of the time
she like to sleep...may b she was so tired...

hehee sengaja nak skipping skit kt atas tu..kalo ade kesalahan grammar di atas..harap di maafkn..
x abis lagi menuntut ilmu ngn cikgu rodziah..hehehe

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