Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It has been a long year

Alhamdulillah dah lepas first year,
but tomorrow ade mid sem sem 4 and i'm here sit in front of my laptop and writting this down..

my brain and heart-omo Leely get a grip of yourself and revise the lecture note please..

my nafs- oh come on just five minute okkay.

me-okkay just five more minute rite.

....tick tock tick tock -one hour passes by-....
*still in front of the laptop scrolling down the tumblr

brain and heart-LEELY now!!

nafs- just five more minute

me-okkay times up laptop

brain and heart- pheww Alhamdulillah good girl

nafs- come on Leely those Gif's are funny and it will be a waste if you did not reblog it

me-shutting down the laptop

nafs- it's okkay today you guys win.. but we still have tomorrow and the after that until the end of time *smile evilly.

that's is my everyday life.. i guess you guys are also the same as me.. constant internal battle with yourself either to let your nafs win or lose is it not?
ok aku pergi la balik baca ape mende la yg aku post zaman sekolah.. pergh ya Allah malu pula membacanya..

maklumlah zaman kekanak kanakkan..

nk delete terasa sayang so biarlah jd kenangan ye..

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